#76 Open a window

Whew! That’s better. If you’re stuck inside a lot of the day, opening a window can be a very easy way to keep yourself sane. Look out of it. Listen to the sounds that come through it. Wave at people on the street below and retreat back in so you don’t have to speak to them. Endless fun!

Stuffy air in an office or home can really bring your energy levels down. If it’s really cold outside, open it just a crack and pull on your warmest layers for that super cosy feeling.


#34 Meditate in the airport

Getting on a plane is ok. Getting through the airport to get to said plane is a nightmare. The constant sense of urgency, paranoia about what you’ve forgotten, and a massive suitcase can really kill your vibe.

Take a seat. Take a few breaths. Close your eyes and count to thirty. You’ll be on the beach soon.