#68 Take pictures of cool stuff

If you love something, take a picture of it. Or at least write about it in a journal or note. It’s important to capture the things that make you happy so that you know what you want your life to be filled with.

On the other hand, if taking a picture means missing out on the actual spectacle (looking at you, gig crowds recording bands for 90 minutes), it’s not worth it. Find the balance and you’ll end up with a ton of memories and a log of all the best moments.


#67 Treat yourself

At the bottom of every worry is a cycle of negative thought. Whether you’re telling yourself you’re greedy for overeating, lazy for not working, or stupid for not getting it first time, you are probably beating yourself up on some level. It’s normal. We all do it (even the confident ones).

Take a minute to step away from the worries and focus on your actual self. This body you’re in? It’s been keeping you alive for years without you even asking! Give it a treat. Rub your feet and shoulders, have a hot bath, or just cook yourself your favourite meal.

#66 Let go of what you can’t control

If you’re angry, upset, scared, or generally feeling bad, you are probably trying to control an element of your life that you have very little say over. Maybe it’s the weather on a special day, or a decision that’s out of your hands like a job interview outcome.

No matter how much you ruminate about these things, you can’t control them. You’re not going to be able to switch off the rain, and if you didn’t get the job, you just didn’t get the job. Instead of obsessing over the things out of your hands, focus on the decisions that are in your hands.

#65 Watch a nature documentary

Nature is cool, but nature is also far away. Get a quick reminder of how huge the planet is and how small your problems are by watching some of the incredible things that go on in the background every day.

It’s really hard to obsess over deadlines when you’re watching a baby chimp cling to its mother. Or a sloth poop.

#64 Trust your instincts (but listen to others)

Not sure about that job? Feel a bit funny about that new colleague? Back off a minute and listen to your gut. To be honest, there’s no telling whether it’s right or not, but it’s going to affect your decisions either way. It’s worth listening to the vibes to hear what your heart has to say.

Just remember that even though your instincts shape your decisions, they aren’t infallible; that weird feeling in your stomach could just be indigestion. Or lack of sleep. Or too much wine.

#63 Tell the truth

If you don’t like something, say so. You do not have to like the same things as other people. Not negronis, not hygge, not even millennial pink. Feel free to shout it from the rooftops!
Disagreement is not the end of the world, and you’ll often find that once you tell your truth, others around you start to open up too. The more you get used to being honest in a positive way, the easier it becomes to set standards for yourself in every relationship.

#62 Give up on crappy goals

Gotta have your goals. Learning goals, career goals, exercise goals… a goal for every occasion! While goals are a great way of finding direction in life, it’s easy to end up with a bunch of them that don’t make much sense.

Do you really want to learn more data analysis techniques? Or are you just trying to please your boss? Is it really important to you that you go to the gym every day? Or do you just feel like you should? Your goals are your goals. When they come from a place that relies on the opinions of others, they’re not your goals anymore.