#67 Treat yourself

At the bottom of every worry is a cycle of negative thought. Whether you’re telling yourself you’re greedy for overeating, lazy for not working, or stupid for not getting it first time, you are probably beating yourself up on some level. It’s normal. We all do it (even the confident ones).

Take a minute to step away from the worries and focus on your actual self. This body you’re in? It’s been keeping you alive for years without you even asking! Give it a treat. Rub your feet and shoulders, have a hot bath, or just cook yourself your favourite meal.


3 thoughts on “#67 Treat yourself

  1. I love these words of wisdom! I’m going trainer shopping, after taking my crazy pooch for a walk.
    Having read your LinkedIn profile. Happy Monday!
    I feel we both have the same wish, with regard to wanting to make a difference with disadvantaged young people…..


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